1 new rashguard, 1 free pattern, 1 big giveaway + 1 big sale!

1 new rashguard, 1 free pattern, 1 big giveaway + 1 big sale!

Saskia Smith

This is the big one.

The Wolf and the Tree are releasing a new rashguard: Abby's Daybreak Rashguard. This is the complement to George and Ginger's Daybreak Rash Guard, to complete the Mommy & Me look! 

The Rashguard features several sleeve lengths: sleeveless, short sleeves, medium sleeves + long sleeves, as well as 3 different lengths - bikini, crop top and full length!

Another awesome thing about it? It can be made for everyday wear using regular knit! <3 That means, this pattern can carry you through the whole year!


Next up, the free pattern! I first drafted this pattern in 2014. It has been on my 'want to release' list ever since then and went through a few re-drafts with new elements, inspired by Pinterest gorgeousness. I am so in love, and my girl (who is incredibly picky and any sewn creation is a gamble for final approval by her) walked in slow motion towards the top, gasped and gently touched the garment. Biggest smile. And immediate request to wear it. Win.


- Sleeveless and Short Sleeves

- Pleated front skirt (with easy to follow 'Pleat Stairs')

- Wide Neckband that meets in the middle

- Upward dipping bodice

- Hi-Low Front/Back Seam

- Optional Faux Camisole

- Sizes 2T - 10


Here are some more ideas on how to quickly change up the pattern:

- Use the sleeves from Abby's Road Trip Tunic to create a year-round garment with sleeve length from sleeveless to long sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, short sleeve and medium sleeves! 

- Gather the skirt rather than pleating it!

- Make the Neckband 4 times (or more) longer, finish all edges of it before attaching it and use it as a front tie!

- Add a bow or a button in the front! (Think oversized bow <3)

- Add length to it and quickly turn it into a dress!

- Add a little bit of (carefully calculated) length to skirt top and the bodice bottom and hide the chest seam on the inside with a French Seam or Flat Felled Seam!




I hope you enjoy the pattern as much as I do! And keep in mind, pleats sometimes like to shift - a little glue and/or careful pinning might help you out with it! 


There is also a big giveaway! This must be the biggest one we have ever had!

The prices are somewhere around 60 patterns and $400 in fabric! Oh yeah! This is serious awesomeness!

There will be 3 winners. Go for it! 

Here are the prizes:

Prize 1:
- 20 patterns by The Wolf and the Tree
- 1 pattern by Little Kiwis Closet
- 2 patterns by Aimer Lae & Finn
- 1 pattern by Laela Jayne Patterns
- 1 pattern by Elliedactyl
- 1 pattern by Bella Sunshine Designs
- 2 patterns by Chalk and Notch
- 3 pack of patterns of choice by Jennuine Designs
- 1 pattern by Twig + Tale
- 1 pattern by Grammies Dolls
- 1 free yard credit by Flying Pig Fabrics
- 1 month stash builder by Caboodle Textiles
- $25 credit to Milly Mae Fabrics
- $40 credit to Sew So English
- $25 credit to Spun Honey Fabrics
Prize 2:
- $20 credit to Patterns for Pirates
- 1 pattern by Gracious Threads
- 1 pattern by Designs by Call Ajaire
- 1 pattern by Sew By Pattern Pieces
- 1 pattern by Sisboom
- 1 pattern by Peach Patterns
- 1 pattern by Pickle Toes Patterns
- 1 pattern by Flosstyle
- 1 pattern by Muffin Head (up to $12)
- 1 pattern by Busty Pear Patterns
- 1 pattern by Sew U Can Patterns
- 1 pattern by Goober Pea Designs
- $25 credit to Snowy Owl Customs
- $15 credit to Poppy Kettle Textiles
- 1 yard credit to Geek Garden Fabric
- 2 metres of fabric by Rumpled Stitching
- 500 BWD Bucks by BWD Fabrics
Prize 3:
- 1 pattern by Handmaiden's Cottage
- $20 credit to Mummykins and Me
- 1 pattern by Honeydew Kisses Sewing Patterns
- 1 pattern by Mother Grimm's Designs
- 1 pattern by Serger Pepper Designs
- $25 credit to Max & Meena Patterns
- 1 pattern by 5 out of 4 patterns
- 2 patterns by Hallå Patterns
- 2 patterns by The Happy Hippos Patterns
- $25 credit to Pink Zeppelin Fabrics
- $25 credit to EBS Fabrics
- $25 credit to Fabric Anthropology
- 1 adult panel by Cutters Fabric


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And lastly we are celebrating hitting 5,000 members in our Facebook Group just in time for Memorial Day! This will be celebrated with a storewide $5 sale! No end date set, but starting immediately!

Have fun shopping, sewing, and getting free stuff! <3


Happy Sewing,