Happy New Year and welcome 2016!

Happy New Year and welcome 2016!

Saskia Smith

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The last year was incredible and I cannot wait to see what 2016 brings!

This past year I learned and designed, cuddled my littles and designed some more. I took things slow and I think that turned out to be the best move!

I made the prototype for my first sewing pattern release - Abby's Footed Tights - in November 2014 when I was desperately looking for warm and beautiful footed tights in stores and came up empty handed. I thought, there is really no reason why I can't just sew them, so I did. She loved the tights, and I was hooked. Soon I came to realize the potential behind the pattern and that it could, with changes, be turned into a sock pattern. So by February all the sizes were drafted and most of the instructions were complete. Next came the digitizing of the patterns, which was finished in March, but then I realized the demand for layered patterns and decided that if I wanted to give this the best shot, I should give it my best. I almost released the patterns on Easter and boy am I glad I didn't. I took my time. I tinkered and worked to make the patterns just the way I wanted them to be, and I am proud of the result. 

I am ready and rearing to get to working full steam (Thomas reference anyone?) on this year's patterns. I took December off for personal sewing and for family time and my fingers have been twitching since then!

Expect women's and girls' patterns, as well as freebies, add-ons and doll patterns! I have a whole list of visions I want to bring to life this year!

Thanks so much for your love and support! I am so excited for this coming year and I hope you are too! I wish you nothing but the best for the year 2016, with lots of ambitions and lots of checked off items on your mental achievement list!

Happy 2016!