Abby's Road Trip Tunic Tour - Day 2!

Abby's Road Trip Tunic Tour - Day 2!

Saskia Smith

Today is Day 2 of Abby's Road Trip Tunic Tour!

Take a look at Valeria's blog post and be ready to swoon! Valeria has the amazing ability to pick out fabrics you might look lovingly at the store but just not know what to do with (seersucker, see through fabric, sequinned fabric...) and use it to create the most beautiful garments that you'd expect to see at the most expensive boutiques! 

Hop on over to her blog post, I promise you won't be disappointed!

Also, while you are over there, be sure to enter the giveaway for Abby's Road Trip Tunic Pattern and 2 additional The Wolf and the Tree patterns!

Are you in love with this look? It's ok, so are we! You can get the pattern for just $5 until Easter - best part? The whole store is on sale for $5/pattern! 

Be sure to check back in again tomorrow for Day 3 of the Tour!

Happy sewing,



-The Wolf and the Tree-


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  • This is Luchy from WellSucceed Embroidery, a professional manufacturer of socks——woven socks and printed socks, seeking chance to cooperate with you.
    All kinds of styles are available in our factory.
    MOQ 300 pcs/design.
    Sample time:5-7 workdays, mass production 10-15workdays.
    Apart from socks, caps/beanies/flags(posters)/stickers/patches/pins are also available.
    Rush orders can also be dealt with.
    If interested,we can discuss more in detail.
    Thanks & best regards!

    Luchy Qi
    Cell:+86 15823296251
    WhatsApp/ Skype: +86 15823296251
    Address: 3rd Floor, Tuozhan Building,
    Jijie, Chashan, Dongguan,
    Guangdong. 523380. China.
    (One Stop Sourcing of Patches, Beanies/caps, Keychains, pins, Poster Flags, Wristbands, Lanyards, stickers, etc..)


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