Day 3 - TWT Comfy Winter Boutique Blog Tour

Day 3 - TWT Comfy Winter Boutique Blog Tour


Today is Day 3 of the blog tour! I am so in love with the looks I have seen so far already and cannot wait what is yet to come!

As life often happens today's scheduled blogger had to switch to a different day and I am very excited to show off my girl's newest favorite sweater! It is a mash up of one of my personal favorites: The Rippled Pearl (with neckband option) and - unexpected - the Knockout Socks!

The fabric is another sweater knit from the wonderful Sincerely Rylee - more about that below!

I love how quick the Rippled Pearl comes together. It has several options: top, dress, neckband or folded over front and back to give a very soft neckline, as well as several sleeve lengths and optional accent sleeve. 

My girl is wearing a long sleeve top with neckband. I like how comfortable, classy and active it is on her. Depending on fabric choices, you will have different results every time - with light weight, slinky knits I have made her dresses with a cascading neckline, while cotton lycra (or any other more stable knits) will set the neckline quite high, giving it a retro feel. 

I have had lots of fun experimenting with the pattern in the past: pleated shoulders, floral fold over elastic as neckband, accent sleeves... Now I wanted to try something new - take a look!

Using the large rose accent pattern piece that comes with the Children's or Ladies' Knockout Socks I cut 6 petals from contrast fabric.

I then displaced 3 each on top of one another for each arm. Next, I sewed them in place with a central vertical seam, and finally I sewed all around the outline of the entire accent. Even though knit doesn't fray, I thought this would make for a neater look - and this also means you can use woven fabric (a little fraying might still occur).

I love this look. To me it looks a little bit like a badge, but with flowers. Most importantly? She loves it.

Definitely a win!

The sale is still going on, so if you want to snatch up one or both of the patterns, now is the time!

Now to the fabric:

If you don't know Sincerely Rylee, check them out! From thick winter knits to rayon spandex, trim and everything in between, you can't go wrong! I love their prints and the quality of their products!

I will admit, I am not one to gamble - even in mystery packs, but I did get drawn in by Darcey's latest stocking. She often pics the most beautiful pictures that represent in their color palettes the respective packages she creates for the individual orders. So while you don't get to exactly pick your fabrics, you do get to pick your overall color scheme.

The beauty of this is the following: you might know that you like all things plum, so you feel confident about buying all things plum. Anything beyond that, you might hesitate, or even have trouble figuring out what it would pair with well. The fabrics in the mystery boxes all coordinate well with one another, and you will likely come across a fabric you would never have bought but fall deeply in love with because of the way it makes everything tie together beautifully.

Foremost I completely adore the fabric, but I also think that Darcey is a wonderful person with great customer service an lots of fun games and contests and interactions that make simply being in her group a joy.

Be sure to check out her group as well as her store - there are still deeply discounted fabrics left over from Cyber Monday!! 

I cannot wait to see what tomorrow's Day 4 of the Comfy Winter Blog Tour brings!

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The $5 store wide sale will be going on the entire duration of the blog tour so be sure to snatch up the patterns you have been eyeing!

Happy sewing, ladies!



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