FREE Gorgeous 2018 Wall Calendar + To Do List/Notes Printables

FREE Gorgeous 2018 Wall Calendar + To Do List/Notes Printables

Saskia Smith

The best wall calendars and To-Do Lists are the ones that make you smile when you look at them, because that way you are more likely to use them!

So, to welcome the new year we have created the most beautiful floral calendar and To-Do Lists as a FREE downloadable printable for you:

Download the individual months below by clicking on each picture in the listing here and selecting 'Save Image to Downloads' or 'Open Image in New Tab' and saving it via the menu.

Or download the files as PDF files, which also include layers! The layers for the calendar let you activate/deactivate the florals (for a black and white, numbers and text only calendar) as well as the grey punch hole guides (to easily convert your prints into a wall calendar!)

The To-Do List sheets can also be used for notes, doodles and anything you need - with the florals also being optional. This means you can print out the lined sheets in black and white only, for a minimalistic look.


I hope you love them as much as we do!

Happy 2018......

.. and as always - Happy sewing!