Glamour Swirl Skirt by Sew by Pattern Pieces Blog Tour Stop

Glamour Swirl Skirt by Sew by Pattern Pieces Blog Tour Stop

Saskia Smith

If you know me, you know I don't really do skirts. Or dresses. I love them. I buy them. I don't wear them. The feminine look, the flow, the breezy wear is what I want, but I don't like having to think about what I am wearing, while I am wearing it. (Just like my love for heels is limited to heels that balance me, rather than me having to think about balancing as I walk) 

I like functionality and simplicity. So when I saw the Glamour Swirl skirt my first thought was 'Gorgeous!!' followed by 'I'll never wear it :( ' - Until Lauren said I should just make my tights (the Gazelle) to wear underneath. Eureka! 

I can now wear a skirt and not worry about the way I sit. Sudden updrafts. My kids using it as a tent. It's awesome. Seriously.

So without further ado take a look at a few photos of the Glamour Swirl Skirt & the Gazelle paired up! 



The pattern is quick, easy and spot on. I really enjoyed sewing up the skirt! 

I will note that it is very important to use cotton lycra for the waistband - as suggested in the pattern. I accidentally cut out the waistband from the same material I used for the skirt, which doesn't have as much recovery as cotton lycra, and the skirt fell down after I attached it just to see how it would work. Once I used cl as the waistband fabric it was perfect. 

Also very important, my daughter wants one, too! 

This blog tour has 3 separate rafflecopter giveaways! Be sure to enter now to get a chance to win the giveaway for days 5 & 6!

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Here is the link to her Facebook group, which has several freebie patterns in the 'file' section of the group - including the Mommy & Me Glamour Swirl Skirt

Facebook Group:

‪#‎sewbypatternpieces‬ ‪#‎glamourswirlskirtblogtour2016‬

Happy Sewing!




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