Project Run and Play - Week 1: Home - On Country Roads from Mountains to Rivers

Project Run and Play - Week 1: Home - On Country Roads from Mountains to Rivers

Saskia Smith

Project Run + Play - Week 1: Home

On Country Roads from the Mountains to the River

Project Run + Play - Season 21 is about to start! And The Wolf and the Tree is taking part in the competition!! Voting starts tomorrow here and ends on Thursday!
I love a good challenge and the themes of this season are so exciting to work with! I cannot wait for you to see all my designs!! 
For now I would love to show you my interpretation of 'Home' - the Week 1 theme for the PRP Season 21. We live in the lusciously green, rolling hills, winding rivers, West Virginia. My designs show how, to me, West Virginia feels and what makes it special to us, to make it our home.
I made several garments this week: For my boy I used my Spidermonkey Pants pattern, but used a length between medium and long and I added a second, opposite directional pocket. His shirt has 'River King' printed on it - each time we go out fishing, the one who catches the most fish is deemed 'River King' and he loves having laid claim to that now forever with his new shirt. For the basis of the shirt I used the Abby's Spin + Twirl - heavily modified in width, length and neckline, but with boy-approved results. The socks he is wearing are my Abby's Trailblazing Socks. Fabrics are from LDG showroom and Freckle Fabrics.
My girl {and her best friend} is wearing the River Romper with a modified Watercolor Dress bodice. She loves those romper so much because they are so dressy but also allow her to do whatever she wants {she wears the shorter length skirt rompers to karate on a regular basis}. The romper can be paired with a tulle skirt between the shorts and skirt. This tulle skirt uses the back length and width of the Abby's Ballerina Skirt and consists of 17 yards of tulle with an elastic top band. She loves it and feels like a princess. To add a little extra I also sewed her a sunhat out of ribbon with a tie band around it, matching the romper, as well as the Laney Reversible Hobo Bag by Swoon. I just might make a little tutorial on how to make the hat, because I did enjoy making it quite a bit!
Fabrics for the romper and skirt are from CaliFabrics, ribbon is from Offray Ribbon Outlet.
I love when I can make an outfit for them that they will be able to reach for time and again. My girl has already declared she wants to wear the romper/skirt combo to school because they are allowed to dress like a princess one day a year. I mark that as a win and I am so excited how much they love them. The themes are so much fun and I am so happy with the results and cannot wait to show you my other designs - if I make it to week 2!
To vote, please follow this link to Project Run + Play and vote for The Wolf and the Tree! Thank you! :)
Happy sewing,