River Romper Pattern Hacks: Bubble Shorts + Tie on Skirt

River Romper Pattern Hacks: Bubble Shorts + Tie on Skirt

As I am preparing my girls' summer + back to school wardrobe I am getting as much as I can from my patterns! TWT patterns are well known for their versatility and number of options and I would like to show you two ways in which you can create even more looks using the River Romper pattern!

First up are these darling bubble shorts I created using the shorts pattern piece of the River Romper. I folded the top edge down, leaving a small opening. I inserted the elastic waistband and closed the opening. Using this technique (explained more in detail in the pattern) I also finished the bottom of the shorts legs creating a bubble shorts effect! So very cute and such a great use of smaller pieces of fabric!

The second hack pairs up so beautifully with the shorts! 

By using the skirt pattern piece I created a Tie On Skirt in just a few minutes!

I used the long length rounded skirt option and finished the edge by simply serging it with looser loops (personal preference).

The waistband I created by making a band of 6'' width and a little over 2x her waist measurement. 

I folded the band in half width wise and finished the long, as well as one short side of the band, turn it right side out and closed the other short end.

Then I gathered the top of the skirt to correspond with her waist measurement.

Next I folded the waistband in half as well as the skirt in half to determine and mark the middle points.

I aligned them and pinned the waistband to the skirt (right sides together) and pinned the skirt in place going to the left and the right from the middle point we marked before.

(Also a great option for an adult apron, don't you think?)

Finally I sewed the waistband and the skirt to one another where they are pinned.

That's it!

I hope you enjoyed these easy hacks to get even more out of the River Romper!

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Happy summer sewing!


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