Summer Swimwear Tour + Just Keep Swimming!

Summer Swimwear Tour + Just Keep Swimming!

Saskia Smith

The Wolf and the Tree has teamed up with two designers for the Summer Swimwear Tour! A blogging tour featuring some of the newest swim patterns in the PDF world:

Rashguard outfit: Just Keep Swimming by The Wolf and the Tree

Classic bathing suit: The Classic Maillot by Designs by Call Ajaire

Swim shorts: The Swim and Surf Shorts by Gracious Threads


The pattern O Captain! My Captain! has been renamed to Just Keep Swimming! The name is simply more fitting, and makes me smile every time I write or say it! So, long live Just Keep Swimming!! :)



Take a look at the beautiful makes of the first day!

Beautiful fabric, beautiful girl, beautiful pattern!! The Classic Maillot in action, sewn up by Buzzmills.


 Sprouting Jube Jube has made this fantastic version of 'Just Keep Swimming'! Love the color blocking!

Call Ajaire sewed up the Swim and Surf Shorts by Gracious Threads. The fabric is amazing and they look so cute!!

ImagineGnats was so generous to sponsor fabric for the participating bloggers! Take a look at all their gorgeous fabrics here.

 To top things off, there is a rafflecopter giveaway included!!

Prizes include:

- 1 pattern of choice (excludes bundles) by Pienkel

- 1 pattern of choice by AimerLae & Finn

- 1 pattern of choice by Rachel Rossi Design

- Free Jellyfish Swim Cap pattern via Sew by Pattern Pieces Group

- 1 pattern of choice by Dandelions n Dungarees

- 1 pattern of choice by E + M patterns

- 5 patterns of choice by George & Ginger

- $30 gift certificate by The Fabric Fairy

- 1 pattern The Classic Maillot pattern by Designs by Call Ajaire

- 1 pattern The Swim and Surf Shorts by Gracious Threads

- 1 pattern Just Keep Swimming by The Wolf and the Tree

- 1 pattern of choice by Sunday Girl Designs

- 1 pattern of choice by 5 out of 4 Patterns

- 1 pattern of choice by FABulous Home Sewn


That means 17 patterns + $30 in fabric!!

Enter the giveaway below: 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Stay tuned throughout the week for new versions - and more news! :) 

Oh, also, all of us are having a sale (coupon code 'Swimtour') in our shops! Gracious Threads and The Wolf and the Tree have 15% off and Designs by Call Ajaire is offering 20% off this week!

Have a great day!



-The Wolf and the Tree-


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