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I can't wait for spring. I can't wait to go for really long walks along the river with my girl, with her doing what she likes to do - checking every big hole in tree. I am not sure if she is checking it to recreate 'We are going on a bear hunt', which is one of her most favorite books, or to see if it might be a little door leading somewhere adventurous. 
Either way, I wanted to make her a cape. A cape for exploration and beautiful memories. I had been holding onto a particular wool blanket just for her, as well as a duvet cover that I had gotten just to upcycle a while back.
When Twig + Tale ask you if you want to go on a blog tour with them - you say yes! It's grown up adventure. You don't quite know yet what the outcome will be, you just know it will be beautiful and you will remember making something that will be treasured. You remember because Lisa makes sure to instill in you the right way to make it. So that it will last. So you can make memories and be giddy over your accomplishment every time you look at the garment, even after years.
For the tour I chose two patterns to sew up, because I wanted to make every pattern, so I had to constrain myself. I chose the 'Traveller Cape' and the 'Pixie Pants'.
The short and sweet review: gorgeous. 
Here is the coat: 
I love everything about it. The instructions are easy to follow, the results are stunning and precise. 
Since the shell is wool I lined the pants with the cotton as well, which makes them super warm and extra comfortable. Bonus? Aside from the pockets - they are reversible! :) I also increased the length of the pants to make them full length! <3 
I am so happy with the patterns, garments and about being part of this tour! 
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  • lisa

    Love you cape and that you got to use your favourite wool blanket for it! Thanks for joining in with us xx

  • Dhana

    My girls have just requested capes and your gorgeous creations have given me just the inspiration I needed!

  • Heather Link

    This is such a cute cape!

  • Angie

    This is so inspiring. I need to make my girls each a cape for a chilli Easter!

  • Jody

    Fabulous work! you have inspired me to get UPCycling instead of buying new

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