✰ Mercornimals ✰

$ 10.00

Introducing Mercornimals!!

So sweet, cuddly and quick and easy!

With so many options and so many cuddles the stuffies received during testing alone, we are sure you will love this pattern!

Combine features such as optional hair, anime style eyes or regular eyes, optional, color blocked mask, optional unicorn horn or deer/cow horn. Embroider, draw, use fabric patches or use vinyl for the face! Come up with your own combinations and experiment with your own color blocking ideas to create color blocked ears or chest patches!

Included animals are:

- Cat (Mercorncat, Mercat)

- Fox (Mercornfox, Merfox)

- Horse/Cow (Mercornhorse, Merhorse, Mercorncow, Mercow)

- Dog/Wolf (Mercorpup, Merpup, Mercornwolf, Merwolf)

- Deer (Mercorndeer, Merdeer)

- Pig (Mercornpiggy, Merpiggy)

- Bear (Mercornbear, Merbear)

 The pattern also includes several features such as:
- Optional Hair
- Two eye styles {regular and anime style}
- Two horn styles {unicorn, and two little horns}
- Colorblocking mask {for wolf or fox}
- Three ear options {tiny, round and pointy}
- Optional bodice
- Two tail shapes {full and slim}
- Two fin shapes {big and regular}

 For knit and woven light to medium weight fabric!


Copyright The Wolf and the Tree 2019. You may make and sell items made with our pattern, as long as you don't mass produce them. Patterns are not for resale or reproduction.

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