Ladies Two Tone Tunic - Crop Top, Top + Tunic

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PDF Sewing Pattern for Ladies - Sizes 0 - 32W

*** This pattern is the adult version of Abby's Road Trip Tunic - perfect to create a Mommy & Me look! ***


+ Lined knit dress, tunic and shirt
+ Sleeveless
+ Short sleeve
+ Medium sleeve
+ Long sleeve
+ Accent skirt
+ Long skirt
+ Layered skirt
+ Hi-low hemline
+ Flapper style hemline
+ Straight hemline
+ Plain shirt and tunic version with optional neckband (for an unlined version)
+ Quick instructions

This pattern has a lined bodice to which the accent and/or long skirts are attached.

Therefore, the lengths are the same between shirt length and tunic length if you use the skirts. The difference is how much of the skirts is visible:

Shirt length shell shows more of the accent skirt; tunic length shell shows less.

The hi-low hem curves the hem upwards in the front and downwards in the back.

This pattern looks beautiful layered with tights or leggings! It can be made from 2 way stretch knit or 4 way stretch knit (2 way knit stretches in the horizontal only, 4 way stretches both vertically and horizontally).

The 4 sleeve lengths make this pattern a year-round favorite that can be made with lace overlay for an airy summer look or from sweater knit for an undeniable comfy-cozy style in winter!

Techniques used and illustrated in this pattern are: Burrito roll (sleeveless shirts), inset sleeves (the classic technique to attaching sleeves to a bodice), attaching a band to a bodice, sewing a lined bodice which means most seams are enclosed and beyond comfortable even for the sensory sensitive wearer.

The pattern is for adventurous beginners - intermediate and can be made from print to finish in 1 hour.

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