Abby's River Blouse

$ 10.00

Abby's River Blouse is the perfect choice for active kids and busy moms. The elastic neckline makes dressing a breeze while the layered pattern pieces allow you to print just the sizes you need. Comfort and convenience come together in our short or long length blouse with hemmed sleeves and elastic shirt hem. Choose knit or woven fabric, plus lined or unlined bodice and sleeves for the perfect outfit. Dress for success with Abby's River Blouse!

The pattern includes:

- elastic neckline for easy on/off

- short or long length

- hemmed sleeves

- sleeves with elastic

- elastic shirt hem (it can also simply be hemmed!)

- for knit fabric or woven

- unlined or lined bodice and sleeves

- layered pattern pieces, so you can print just the sizes you need

- sizes 12 months - 14 years

Includes A4/Letter + A0/Projector print format


Patterns by The Wolf and the Tree may not be re-sold or distributed

beyond the initial purchase.


Garments made using TWT patterns may be sold online or in

person, except via large scale commercial production.


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