Skirty Tights

Skirty Tights

Saskia Smith

It is January and although it has been a warmer winter than usual, February is sure to change that. So off I am to make Footed Tights to match every outfit - and now to also include the skirt! Take a look!

Skirts and tights as two separate items are cute. Skirts as part of tights makes for super quick dressing, perfect matching (You know your daughter wants to dress herself anyways. Help her out, momma!) and eliminates the search for the ideal pairing solution, because it is all in one piece!

I have been wanting to make a combined skirt & footed tights solution for quite a while now and when I came across Sojo Fabrics and saw the Rainbow Glitter Polka Dot Tulle I knew it was love. I added another layer of matching solid Tulle (so so soft!!) and accentuated the skirt with taupe colored silky seam binding. Since my little girl's favorite color is blue, I chose a blue marbled super soft and stretchy knit that works beautifully with the play of light, shadows and highlights of the polka dots and the tulle. Bonus points, the little one almost couldn't wait for me to sew it up and floated through the house with the tulle draped around herself and hugging it tightly in her little arms. Awesome.

Here is a close-up of the fabric:

To make a gathered skirt to combine with your Footed Tights you need the following:

- Abby's Footed Tights pattern

-Knit fabric with at least 25% stretch (this includes for example cotton lycra, spandex, stretch lace, stretchy fleece, .....)

- A fabric of your choice for the skirt, preferably with nice drape and twirl factor

- Optional: seam binding, lace, notions of your choice

- Pins/clips, scissors/rotary cutter


1. Follow the chart below for sizing. The length of the skirt is my preference but you can choose any length you want! 
To create a fuller skirt consider doubling it - like I did with the glitter polka dot and solid tulle. For more three dimensionality make the lower layer slightly longer than the top layer!

2. Cut out the tights following the pattern using the 'Yoga Waistband' cut line and also cutting out the yoga waistband. Cut the skirt according to the chart above. Sew the tights according to the instructions.


3. Skirt: Fold the fabric right side together matching up the side seams. If you are making a skirt with several layers, lay the inner layer right side up and the outer layer right side up on top of it. Fold right side together, matching up the side seams. 

4. Sew side seam with 3/8'' seam allowance. Press seam to one side. 


5. Sew a straight line with long stitch length approximately 3/8'' from the edge without backstitching at the beginning or end. For better control, more defined and professional looking gathers sew two or three rows of stitches in 1/8'' intervals. Gently pull the bottom threads with one hand while holding the fabric in place with the other. Move the gathers across the fabric and create more gathers until your skirt top has the length of the tights opening.



6. Follow the instructions below to sew the waistband. Fit the skirt around the outside of the tights and pin it in place. Turn the tights (with the skirt pinned to it) inside out and attach the waistband as follows: 

7. Turn right side out. You have just made footed tights with a skirt - Skirty Tights!


As an added bonus you can use this tutorial to make a classic gathered skirt using the Abby's Footed Tights waistband! 

For this skirt I made using gorgeous Tula Pink fabric I made something special: 

I cut one layer of the Tula Pink main fabric, hemmed it and then encased it in a layer of sheer fabric with a slight sheen to create a bubble skirt. The gathers add depth and fullness and the sheen turns it into a princess worthy skirt in just minutes!

Here is what I did:

For the main fabric I used the regular dimensions. The sheer layer is on piece and twice the width of the main fabric plus an additional 4'' in size 3T. This makes for a slightly longer skirt and you can experiment with it to make it your own! 

The Skirty Tights skirt:

Enjoy and let your imagination run wild! 


Be sure to check back often! New patterns and more freebies are on the way!

Happy sewing!