Discounts and Affiliate link

Tiered Pricing

See several patterns you love but you can't decide? Maybe this will help you decide!

We offer tiered pricing!

What does this mean? 

- If you buy 2 patterns, use coupon code '20off2' to receive 20% off your purchase

- If you buy 3 patterns, or more, use coupon code '30off3' to receive 30% off!

Keep in mind that per purchase only 1 coupon code can be used, but these remain active, even when pop up sales end!



Are you over the moon with your TWT makes and want to share them with everyone? We are so happy to hear that! If you would like to also get a 15% commission on the sales resulting from you sharing your makes consider signing up as one of our affiliates!

Simply use the link below to register and you will get paid monthly, whether it is $5 or $100. You will receive a link that is unique to you and any sale made resulting of a click on one of your posts or comments will automatically generate a 15% commission for you.

Please keep two things in mind:
-  Only use your own photos as the photos of others may not be shared
-  Be sure to disclose that you are an affiliate when posting your unique link. Even something as simple as '(affl. link)' works!
Thanks for being here, we love sharing our love for sewing with you!