TWT Comfy Winter Blog Tour - Day 1

TWT Comfy Winter Blog Tour - Day 1

Now that Black Friday + Thanksgiving are over I am all over sewing all the things! Especially all the things comfy cozy <3 I love warm and luscious knit fabric for that - Sincerely Rylee Fabrics in particular! So I just had to make some of Abby's Trailblazing Socks for Day 1 in the fabric and style my little lady requested. Of course, Sincerely Rylee fabric.

If you don't know Sincerely Rylee, check them out! From thick winter knits to rayon spandex, trim and everything in between, you can't go wrong! I love their prints and the quality of their products!

I will admit, I am not one to gamble - even in mystery packs, but I did get drawn in by Darcey's latest stocking. She often pics the most beautiful pictures that represent in their color palettes the respective packages she creates for the individual orders. So while you don't get to exactly pick your fabrics, you do get to pick your overall color scheme.

The beauty of this is the following: you might know that you like all things plum, so you feel confident about buying all things plum. Anything beyond that, you might hesitate, or even have trouble figuring out what it would pair with well. The fabrics in the mystery boxes all coordinate well with one another, and you will likely come across a fabric you would never have bought but fall deeply in love with because of the way it makes everything tie together beautifully.

Foremost I completely adore the fabric, but I also think that Darcey is a wonderful person with great customer service an lots of fun games and contests and interactions that make simply being in her group a joy.

Be sure to check out her group as well as her store - there are still deeply discounted fabrics left over from Cyber Monday!!


Now to today!

Sunday features the amazing creations of two beautiful ladies!

Amanda from Cross Stitches Custom Clothing and Jennifer from Stitched by Jennie!

First up - Amanda! I cannot get over her hack! Keyhole Socks!!! 

Amanda used two TWT patterns to create this look: the Ladies' Knockout Socks and the No Show Socks!

The result is simply stunning and so smart! Take a look at her blog post to see exactly how she did it!!

I am all over this look and cannot wait to do this myself! <3


Jennie made a Mommy and Me set using the Going Rogue Socks

She used different fabrics to create these winter cozy knee highs that are perfect to snuggle up in!

I love that the pattern can be adjusted quickly according to amount of fabric on hand - take a look at her beautiful solution to the fabric being slightly too short!

These are the perfect socks for gifting or simply spoiling yourself!


I cannot wait to see what tomorrow's Day 2 of the Comfy Winter Blog Tour brings!

Here are the stops coming up:

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The $5 store wide sale will be going on the entire duration of the blog tour so be sure to snatch up the patterns you have been eyeing!

Happy sewing, ladies!